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Facebook Targeted Advertising In Berkshire

May 11th 2015 | by Sunny
facebook advertising berkshire

For targeted pay per click advertising using Google PPC (pay per click) is a good option, but the trouble with Google is you cant specify the demographics of the people who are searching for the keywords you are targeting.

With Facebook advertising, you have the enormous amount of data that Facebook collect to work with.

When you sign up with Facebook, they will ask you a few basic questions to create your profile, namely; What is your name, age, sex, where do you live, where do you work, what interests you etc. By asking these questions, Facebook gets a general idea about the person you are.

As you carry on using Facebook, you may enter your job title, what school and university you attended, whether you are married or single and what kind of groups you are part of. Now Facebook has an even better idea of the person you are and with this data, Facebook has learnt enough about you to actually suggest things in your feed that you may like or be interested in.

Facebook Targeted Advertising In Berkshire


As time goes on, Facebook also learns about you by the pages that you like and share, the type of friends that you have and what you have in common with them, and all of this data is like gold dust to a Marketer.

Using Facebook Ads Manager we can use all of this data to target our ads to. The beauty of Facebook ads is we can really hone in on specific demographics. For example we could target the geographical location, age, sex, relationship status, gender, job title, education, employment, and interests. This gives us a lot of ammo in our arsenal when setting up a campaign.

Further to this, using the Facebook Audience Insights (AI) tool, we can enter in these interests that we already know about our demographics and based on them, the AI will give us more information and pages that our target demographic would be interested in. This opens up a whole new world of data for us analysers!

Once we have a good idea on the audience that we will be targeting, we would then put them into sets – which we will use as adsets. I like to create many adsets for a campaign based on various criteria. The more adsets we have, the more flexibility we have when it comes to managing the campaign.

Upon launch of the campaign, we would closely monitor – especially the first few days, the adsets we have running. We would drop the adsets which are not getting many click-throughs and tweak to enhance the sets which we are getting good click-throughs and shares. This is the best way to minimise investment to get the most of your advertising.

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