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New Site Design

May 9th 2015 | by Sunny
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Along with the new look in the website design for Infinit-E, we are also pleased to say that we also offer responsive website design.

Why Is A Responsive Web Site Important?

The site we used to have looked the same on the mobile as it did on the PC. Which is fine enough but this meant that you had to zoom in to read the text properly and to press the buttons on the menu or links. This was not classed as a user friendly website.

A responsive website means it responds to the device you are viewing it on. It adjusts to a new layout/design to suit the device that makes reading it, and just generally viewing it, a lot better. Whether you are viewing it on a tablet like the iPad or a smart phone, the look and feel of the site will be like the site has been designed for that device.

Different Designs To Suit Different Sized Screens

When we design a responsive site we create three different designs. One for the PC, another for the tablet and the last for the smart phone. These specific designs would be almost bespoke to the size of the screens.

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How To Check If A Website Is Responsive

There are a few ways to check.

Firstly, if you are on a PC then you can simply drag the bottom right corner in and if it is responsive then you’ll see the design change and adjust to the size you are dragging it to. If the design doesn’t change; then you can be rest assured it is static (none responsive).

The second method is to check using Googles own tools to see if a website is responsive. Click here for the tool.

Besides it being just good user experience, recently Google has released an update along the lines of, if your site isn’t responsive this would effEct your website rankings. Google does this to give its users a good user experience. You will see the indication that a site is mobile friendly in the search listings if your using your phone.

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